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In 1961 , Graduate from the plane department in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, study with Academician Tu Jida. Work on the study of J-5Ⅰfighter plane, JJ-5 jet trainer etc.
In 1967 take part in the preparing to built the helicopter research institute of China. In 1969, take the charge of design engineer. Join the study of HAMC Z-7. Be in charge of the design and test of burning oil system in the full aircraft simulation test. Ministry of Aviation assigns Mr. Sheng as the group leader of vibration aging research group. Organize to write the standard of vibration aging for Ministry of Aviation. Finish the vibration dispose of inside structure in the first nuclear power station Qinshan nuclear power station which build by China only.

In 1980, research and development the axial fan FT35 which pass the provincial level affirm in that time. The lower noise and higher efficiency performance is better than the fan T35 fan which is generalized at that time.

In 1985 , be conferred of senior engineer by Ministry of Aviation Industry
In 1988 , be in charge of the establish the first Military-into-civilian factory Jinan shanquan axial fan company; and be appoint as factory director.

In 1993 , resign the duty position in Ministry of Aviation Industry and go in to business in Jinan. Establish Weihai Creditfan ventilator co.,ltd.

In 1995 , move the company from Jinan to Weihai. Begin the development as roll the snowball.

The scientific and technological achievements achievement:

Six Patent for invention; forty- five patent for utility models; publish two important paper in the domestic core technical magazine for the fan.
Undertake three National torch projects. Get Municipal scientific and technological progress second prize

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